Author of all texts about mythology on these web-pages is Lidija Bajuk:

  1. PERUN
      - The Sky
      - The Mountain
      - Leluya
      - Ball lightning
      - Candlemen
      - Fairies
      - Witches
      - Water
      - Bogorodica
      - The Moon
      - Corn Spirit
      - Hair
      - Embroidery
      - Light
      - Forest
      - The Cap, Little Hat


The Sun, the source, the beginning, warmth, God, Jesus, order, cognition, spirit, enlightenment, Heaven, heavenly fertilization force, angel, salvation, grace, love, happiness, immortality.

On the first three Sundays in December our ancestors used to celebrate a festival called ''Zauze'' (imprisonment) because they believed that the gods of light were put in the stocks and imprisoned in the darkness. Their release and the birth of the child sun god were celebrated on the first three days of the Christmas holidays. In order to grow strong, it was believed, that the gods have to drink the night light - the moon - and starlight. They also have to make love to godesses, because love is light. The blood sacrifices offered to the Sun represented food for its light. Therefore, along with the colours gold, yellow and white, the colour red is also the colour of light. It can be recognized in the colour of ribbons, embroidery, lace and jewellery of the traditional dress.

The day sunlight reflects as the weakened moonlight which the fairies use. Almost all religions of the world have early morning ceremonies which include the waking up, washing your face and saying a prayer in order for the believer to take in the first morning light and thus strengthen his own inner light. The quality of life depends on the quantity of the light received. It is not a coincidence then, that there is a custom to leave the light in the room where a newborn baby and its mother sleep turned on, even during the night. This helps to chase witches away.

When the light is left turned on next to the headboard of the bed of a bigger child, it helps to keep the Darkness away. In Christianity, this spark of light has the function of helping the believer to cast away the dominion of the flesh and finding his true godly nature. Symbols of light are: candle, gold, silver, star, flower, bird's feather, animal horns, honey, fruit, nectar, milk, wine, white cloth, veil, comb, ribbon, lace, embroidery, fork, lamp, jewel, jewellery, crown, halo, book, love. Psychoanalists claim that light enhances optimism and euphoria.